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Melton Wool Upholstery Fabrics

Available in over 20 rich colours, our Melton Wools Upholstery fabrics are usually delivered within 7 days.  There are many imitation products on the market that may appear similar to our Melton Wools, however, these products comprise of real wool and man made fibres such as Nylon. This hybrid increases the strength of the inferior wool. The Melton Wools fabric is easily cleaned, making it a practical addition to the home as well as a beautiful one. The outside surface of the wool fibre consists of a series of overlapping scales (similar to the feathers on a bird), dirt then sits on the surface of the fibre, making it easy to remove. Our materials also include an anti-static element, reducing dirt.

Our Melton Wools fabric has many benefits for you:

- Wool is water resistant, fire retardant. As a fire retardant material, pure wool meets Crib 5; giving the fabric the highest standard of fire safety and giving us further accreditation for contract end uses.
- Not only does Wool absorb many harmful pollutants from the air, it does not re-emit them. It's estimated that Wool used in interiors can help purify the air for up to 30 years.
- As a naturally resilient fibre, our fabrics will give you long lasting quality and comfort.
Fancy a free wool sample? Click the link and we’ll send you one.

Melton Wool Care and Safety:

Colour matching - please note that although every effort has been made to make sure colours match as closely as possibly as seen on the website, no guarantee can be put in place to ensure the fabrics and pictures match correctly. We encourage you to order the free fabric samples.

Cleaning - We recommend to get this fabric professionally dry cleaned. It is also acceptable to use a hand held vacuum cleaner to clean the upholstered fabric. Do not dry fabrics in sunlight or bleach them as it can cause colour distortion.

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