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Faux Suede Upholstery Fabrics

A fine upholstery fabric, our faux suede upholstery fabric is available in a range of over 20 fantastic colours with a micro-fibre suede appearance and a silk smooth finish that’s looks and feels simply brilliant.

The 100% Polyester product comes in rolls of around 55” (140cm) in width which we cut to your customizable length - as you need. Falling completely within government flammability standards our products also rate highly on the Martindale durability scale. This individual product falls at 40, 000 rubs rating.

We also offer free fabric samples. We encourage you to order these as they will give a truer indication to how the fabric looks and feels.

Faux Suede Care and Safety:

Colour matching - please note that although every effort has been made to make sure colours match as closely as possibly as seen on the website, no guarantee can be put in place to ensure the fabrics and pictures match correctly.

Usage - it is accepted that certain fabrics may gain new features such as textured fabrics flattening, fabrics creasing or distortion. These are bound to happen.

Cleaning - remove all stains before they have a chance to set. Use a microfiber cloth to absorb wet stains. Scrape off solids but do not go against the grain. Wash the fabric with a common detergent and water.

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    Faux Suede: Black S823

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