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Red Upholstery Fabrics

We hold a wide variety of Red Upholstery Fabrics. These are sourced from a number of reputable mills and wholesalers based in the UK and abroad. By doing this, you can be assured that we work extremely hard to source and produce the very finest and most vibrant upholstery fabrics available on the U.K market today. This quality is passed on to your bed and bedroom, and in turn, you’ll have an end-result that really turns heads and impresses all that witness!

Whether light; dark; bold and pastel reds, all upholstery materials are suitable for a wide range of applications. From chairs and sofas, to beds and cushions, we even use these fabrics in the making of our own products. With so many different applications for our upholstery fabrics, the options really are endless! Whether you’re upholstering your bed, your chair or your headboard, you can count on our beautiful range of fabrics to really get the job done in style!
Be sure to request a sample, on-screen colours can be misleading. In fact, the computer screen doesn’t do the beautiful shades and colours justice at all. So, get a couple of samples and hold them in your hand to really appreciate their beauty. You’re sure to be surprised once you get them! Many of our customers tell us, that even though they bought a particular shade of upholstery fabric from our website because it matched what they were looking for, when it was delivered, they were in awe as the fabric is even better than they imagined.

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