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Purple Upholstery Fabrics

It could be faux suede you’re after, maybe leather or wool. Regardless, we stock them all, in a wide variety of purple shades. We believe in our products and assure the best quality in rich durable colours that age well no matter what they are applied to. The reason they age so well, is because we source all of our fabrics from some of the best fabric mills in the U.K and beyond at this moment in time. We don’t settle for poor quality upholstery fabrics, and nor should you. You deserve the very best, and if it’s quality and rich purple tones you’re after, you’re sure to find your perfect match in the list below. Our available shades are all proving highly popular with our customers, so be sure to get in quick and grab the shade that matches your taste and bedroom. Don’t forget, whether you’re applying the fabric to a bed, a chair or a headboard, it’s sure to turn heads and get some enviable looks!

Don’t let the process become too complicated. Order some of our samples to help make a better decision. Each of our free samples are cut from the actual fabric you see in the picture, meaning you can make an informed decision much more easily. Plus, you’ll find that even though the shades of purple upholstery fabric look rich and beautiful on our site, they will look even better in your hand once you get them! But, don’t take our word for it! Get yourself some free samples today and take the test yourself! We’re sure that no matter what shade of purple upholstery fabric you’re after, you’re bound to find your perfect choice below on this list.

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