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Blue Upholstery Fabrics

We source each individual product we sell from the UK and Europe’s top mills and wholesalers to ensure our fabrics are of the finest quality for your home furnishings. With this set process in place, it’s no wonder so many customers keep coming back to Headboards LTD, making us their number one choice! After all, we’re all about quality. Much unlike many of the furniture giants out there you may be familiar with, we source only the finest materials and deliver the very finest end-results to really make any room shine out and exceed even the most demanding customer expectations. When it comes to blue upholstery fabric, we really do lead the way in terms of quality and price.

Our wide variety of blues constantly sell well, having been used in homes and businesses alike. Noted for durability and adherence to fire safety, we assure our products are a worthy purchase. Take a look at some of the beautiful blue upholstery fabrics available below. As you can see, there really is a shade to suit absolutely every taste, style and design. After all, we are committed to giving our customers the very best choice possible when they are selecting a perfect shade of blue for their upholstery fabric.
Make the whole process a little easier by acquiring some free samples. Our samples will really bring the shade to life. Think a shade looks good on the computer screen? Just wait until you get some of our free samples through. Cut from the very same upholstery fabric, you’ll see that in person, the colours and vibrancy really jump out at you. In turn, you’ll have blue upholstery fabric that is simply unmatched.

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  • Silk Velvet 2: Duck Egg Blue VEL220

    Silk Velvet 2: Duck Egg Blue VEL220

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