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Ikea Size Upholstered Headboards

Ikea beds are not standard UK sizes; Ikea manufacture beds at 1400mm and 1600mm wide. Whilst the UK standard sizes are 1350mm (Double) and 1500mm (King). Therefore, it can be hard to find your ideal headboard when purchasing an Ikea Bed.

To solve this problem, all you need to do is send us an email (prior to your purchase) stating the width you would like your headboard to be made in. The price of your headboard will be based on the next size up e.g. 1400mm headboard price will be the same as King Headboard (1520mm) and a 1600mm headboard will be the same as Super King Headboard (1820mm)
We would recommend mounting your Ikea sized headboard on the wall; as the Ikea bed will not have the headboard bolts allocated on the back of the bed.
We can even provide a kit to budding DIY enthusiasts who are keen to install the headboard themselves.
The Kit will consist of:
Bed Headboard Bolts with Thumbwheel x 2
 Compatible Tee Nut x 2
 Compatible Screw in Bushing x 2
You can choose whether you want to use Tee Nuts or Screw in Bushings depending on the design of your bed.