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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How do I measure the height of my headboard?

A: You need to measure from the top of your mattress, so the bottom of your headboard will start from the top of your mattress.

Q: Will I be able to mount my headboard to the wall? 

A: Yes, you will simply need to tick the “wall mounted” option when purchasing your headboard. You will also be provided with wall plugs and screws to attach to a brick wall.

Q: Can I wall mount my headboard on a stud / plasterboard wall?

A: Yes, you will need to purchase Plasterboard Fixings. If you are purchasing a very large headboard and are worried about the weight, we are able to reduce the weight for you. We must be informed before you place your order. This will not reduce the quality of the end product.

Q: Why should I wall mount my headboard

A: Wall Mounted headboards are the new trend nowadays as it secures your headboard to the wall. This means that the headboard will be much more secure then the traditional way of using headboard struts. The wall mounting option also allows you to go for an increased height that is sure to make the headboard the focal point of your room.

Q: How is the Headboard Delivered?

A: We use TNT who are one of the leading courier companies in the UK to deliver your order. Deliveries usually take place in the business hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We are able to arrange Saturday deliveries but this will incur an additional charge.

For more details visit Delivery Informations page

Q: Will my headboard be supplied with Headboard Struts?

Your Headboard will be supplied with Headboard Struts as standard

If you opt for the wall mounted option, you will not receive any headboard struts.

Please note: With many of our headboard designs if you have gone for the wall mounted option, you may not to able to change these to Headboard Struts in the Future.

If you may want to change your headboard in the future; please let us know before placing your order and we can make sure your headboard has the holes for struts. Charges may apply depending on the headboard design

Q: Will my headboard come with the bolts that you attach to the back on the bed?

No, we will provide you with the bolts to attach your headboard struts to the back of the headboard, but not the bolts to attach your headboard struts to the back of you bed

These should be supplied with the bed.

We do sell replacement headboard bolts that are compatible with 95% of UK beds.

Q: Will the headboard Struts line up with the bolts allocated at the rear of my bed?

Yes, the distances between the bolts on the back of the bed are standard in the UK

If you have purchased your bed from aboard or you have a non standard bed size, please check before placing your order.

Q: Do you send out fabric samples?

Yes, we offer a FREE swatch service and will post out your chosen fabric samples by Royal Mail.

We send out samples on a daily basis so you should receive your samples the following day.

You can request up to 15 free fabric samples

Q: Can I buy matching fabric by the metre?

Yes, we sell all our upholstery fabrics by the metre.

The width of the roll is usually 137cm wide; but can be more depending on the fabric range.

Ideally you should order your headboard/ bed valance or bed together, so we can ensure they are made out of the same roll/ batch.

Please note: There can be a commercial tolerance in the colour from batch to batch

Q: Can I use my own fabric?

Yes, we do work with Customers Own Materials (COM)

Please contact us with your chosen headboard design and bed size and we can advise how much fabric will be required for your headboard.

For more details visit Heaboards in Customers Own Material page

Q: How long will my order take to be delivered?

Our standard lead time is approximately 14 days from when the order is placed; this may vary depending on the time of the year.

We also offer an express 3 working days and 7 working days service

For more details visit Delivery Informations page

Q: How thick are the Headboards?

The thickness of our headboard vary from design to design

We also used thinner sheet material on the larger headboards and build it out with timber to increase the strength; to keep the weight down.

In general our headboards are approximately 3 inches (excluding Windsor Headboard)

Q: Do you offer an installation service?

We have an independent installer who we highly recommend.

We offer an installation service if the installation address is within a 15 mile radius from us.

Our installer will pick up the headboard directly from us, and bring the headboard straight to you. He will then mount the headboard in your chosen room.

Please call us for a quotation  

Q: Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes, you work with many Interior Designers, Hoteliers and Boutique Furniture Shops.

We offer discount on a per order basis

Please visit Trade Enquires for more details   

Q: Are all headboards manufactured in the UK?

All our headboards are manufactured onsite by our skilled upholsterers.

Our headboards can be customised to your exact requirements and we are also able to offer a fast turn around.

Q: Do your Headboards meet Hotel / Public place fire regulations?

All our Headboards meet domestic requirements as standard

We have many fabric ranges that meet crib 5 requirements; meaning they are suitable for Hotels and Public Places

We are able to meet all fire retardant requirements on request

Please call us for full details

Q: Are all fabrics suitable for matching colour bed valances and cushions?

A: We can make our bed valances and cushions from all of our upholstery fabrics excluding Faux Leather & Premium Faux Leather.