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Corinthia Upholstered Headboards

With decorative upholstery studs placed tastefully around its front, the Corinthia is in a league of its own. Studs are available in a range of styles:
-  bronze Renaissance
-  Nickel Plated
-  Old Gold Specked

Each style lends itself to the retro look, resulting in an exquisite headboard style that won’t fall out of fashion.

While all our headboards are available in a range of sizes, Our Corinthia upholstered headboard starts from 3’ (ft). Click on the gallery photo for specific sizes as per design. Below is the overall range:

-  Single headboards: 3’
-  Small Double Headboards: 4’
-  Double Headboards: 4’ 6’’
-  King Size Headboards: 5’
-  Super King Size Headboards: 6’

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