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There’s no substitution for pure wool upholstery

There’s no substitution for pure wool upholstery

At Headboards Ltd there’s something that sets our wool headboards and bed valances apart from the competition: the uncompromising attitude we have when it comes to using only the finest materials.

This is why when we manufacture custom wool headboards and valances we only use 100% pure Melton Wools. Not 60% or 80% – not even 99% – but 100% pure wool every time. We use nothing but wool because inferior upholstered products that consist of a blend of wool and artificial fibres simply aren’t as good.

In one of the most common fabrics that you might have assumed was pure wool, as much as a fifth of it might actually be Nylon. The reason some manufacturers choose to use a fabric containing a blend of Nylon and wool is down solely to price. Nylon is not only cheaper than wool, but because of its strength it also means that cheaper, lower quality wool is used.

A pure wool headboard or valance isn’t just a status symbol– its material properties means it will look and feel good for longer than other substitutes. This is because natural wool isn’t prone to pilling in the same way that artificial materials such as Nylon are. You spend every night in your bed, so wear and tear will soon begin to show in inferior materials. Wool, on the other hand, ages fantastically because anti-static fibres that don’t attract dirt and it doesn’t pill like synthetic fibres.

While wool may have been used for thousands of years, the technology used to create Melton Wools is cutting edge. This technology, complemented by the finest finishing processes, allows our upholstered products to add character and warmth to your bedroom. As well as being stylish our upholstered products are also highly practical – they’re suitable for contract use in public or commercial environments, as they meet strict Crib 5 standards concerning fire safety.

We think we do a fantastic job making high quality upholstered products, but we also know that the materials we use speak for themselves. This is why we also sell our upholstery fabrics. This means that as well as being able to order custom made valances and headboards in 21 beautiful, rich colours, you can also buy our pure wool by the metre for your own projects.

The only way to experience the quality of our beautiful 100% pure Melton Wools is to touch and feel the fabric. Luckily, you can do just that by ordering a free swatch today.

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