Textured Linen Upholstery Fabrics

The Textured Linen Range of fabric is a 100% Polyester linen upholstery fabric that is available in a range of over 15 exciting colours and is suitable for a wide variety of upholstery uses. Our textured linens are the hardest wearing upholstery fabrics in our range of products, sourced and selected for their high quality by us.

The Textured Linen Upholstery Fabric is suitable for severe domestic and contract use and withstands 40, 000 rubs on the Martindale durability rating. Our full range of Upholstery fabrics are Flame Retardant and are tested regularly to ensure they meet the British legal standards on flammability, home safety can be reassured in these products. Our Textured Linen is approximately 55” (140cm) in width, with length requested by you.

Why not request a free samples from the request a swatch service? The textured linen samples will be sent out immediately.

Textured Linen Care and Safety:

Colour matching - Websites and screens can be misleading, therefore no guarantee can be put in place to ensure the fabrics and pictures match completely. Rather, we encourage you to order a free sample as a better measurement of colour.

Usage - Certain fabrics may gain new features such as textured fabrics flattening, fabrics creasing or distortion. These are natural features of age and wear. A “de-fuzzer” may be used to restore the fabric to its original look.

Cleaning - We recommend this fabric is dry cleaned and not machined washed. A hand held vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean the upholstered fabric. Do not dry fabrics in sunlight or bleach them as it can cause irreversable colour distortion.

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